Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Real Photo Box and Embossing Folder Storage

Storage is something that I always struggle with and am always looking for new and better ideas.  Recently, I decided that I needed a more reasonable way to store my Embossing folders, plates, and cutting related things.  I had been storing them in these awesome little photo thingys that I had altered.  However, creating the inserts for the folder to hold my embossing things was very time consuming and cumbersome.  And I do not have time for either of those words in the same sentence right now.  When I decided it was time for a storage change, it was really late at night, like super late, like 2 a.m. late.  Despite that, I came up with a super awesome, fast and easy way to store all my stuff.  I made a box using chipboard, my Bind-It-All, paper, and Ribbon.  And this is the finished product:

It fits nicely where I need it to, it holds everything that I have and is very easily expanded.  The coolest part is that I didn't have to purchase anything from it, and I finally used something from the DCWV Real Photo Paper Pack that my dear, sweet, and supportive husband insisted that I have so much he bought it for me despite my objections.  Sigh.  I hate to admit that he was right, and the stack does on occasion come in handy.  Sigh.  So how did I do it?

I took 3 pieces of 12x12 chipboard and cut them into 6x12 lengths, and glued two together.  I did that for each side that I needed.  Next, I adhered the paper to one side.  I then punched centered holes into all of the pieces on three sides.  One of the large pieces I punched centered holes on all 4 sides, this is the piece that goes on the bottom.  Last, I weaved ribbon through the holes in a criss cross manner to bind them together.  Start to finish this took me about 3 hours (I am a slow worker).

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