Sunday, February 26, 2012

My New Storage Love

Today, I thought that I would share with you my new found love for an awesome storage unit.  Really Useful Boxes.  Not only are they really useful boxes, but that's also their name, so fitting seriously.  Why you may ask. Well I have been looking for a more modular storage system in order to condense all the junk I have (and it's a lot) but still have it accessible and organized.  While scouring the internet, I ran across another blogpost (but can't remember where or find it now) in which the person was using these boxes. I immediately went to the hardware store here and got some.  And let me tell you they are fabulous.  Here are pictures of what I am storing and how it looks:

This is a 4L Really Useful box, as you can see, it will hold probably 6 of the large Martha Stewart Punches, and 9 of the small edger combo ones.
 This is another 4L Really Useful box, the same size as the one above.  And it will hold 17 of the EK success edgers nicely.  I don't have a whole box full at the moment, but when I do, the Fiskar ones will probably find a new home in another Really Useful box.
 This is a 5L box, it'll hold my guess 8-9 of the EK success deep edger punches.  There is about an inch or so gap between the top of the punches standing up and the top of the lid, it's a perfect fit.

 This is a 3L Really Useful Box, and it hold all my Stampin' Up! Large punches.  I have a few more spaces before it's full, and I am estimating that it'll hold about 10 of these same size punches. 
 This is an 8L Really Useful Box (they say it's for shoes) that I am storing my  Sizzix Dies in,  I currently have 5 of the Large Dies and some smaller ones.  This box is a perfect fit for the large square dies, and as you can see, can fit probably about 15 of them.
I am seriously in love with this company.  Their boxes are all made to fit together and stack, and their dimensions are perfect for many of my crafting items.  One of the things that was important for me was to have the perfect fit but to have my punches standing up, so I can easily see the punch image.  These boxes are also fairly reasonably priced not on sale.  I believe the 8L box cost about $8.99 before tax.  Another really nice feature is that the handles on these guys lock in place but are not difficult to unlock either.  Either way, if you're looking for more stackable and modular storage, this is definitely recommended by me.

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  1. I SOOOOO love my Really Useful Boxes!! I am a quilter and the 9L box is the perfect size for quarter-folded yardage and I love that the clear shows the true color of what's inside! I just added a lot of shelving in my sewing room so I get to buy more!