Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mini Album Mishap

Recently, I published about the ins and outs of mini album makings.  Well, today, I thought I would give you a quick share to show you what happens when you don't use Redline or ScorTape.  Let me be clear, I Love my adhesive gun, I would not choose anything else, and the adhesive sticks.  And I mean it STICKS, really good, but making mini albums is just tough business.  You can see the original post that I am talking about here.  With that said, here are some photos or what happens when you use your normal adhesive gun:

 The above picture is a side by side comparison of an album made using ScorTape and an album using my adhesive gun.  If it was not obvious enough, the top album is the one put together with ScorTape.
 These two photos are of the album made with my adhesive gun, notice all the lifting, and puckering.  So unsightly!

And for comparison, the inside of the album done with ScorTape.  As you can see, the seam of allowance is much smaller, but is holding MUCH MUCH MUCH better than the large seam allowance in the album made with my adhesive gun.......

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  1. Wow what a difference it makes, I always use the 7gypsy binding tape on mine when I make them, I will also have to remember this. Thanks!!!