Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wednesday Work in Progress: a mini mini

You could say that I am going through a mini phase at the moment..... Okay, maybe a big mini phase, but I can't help it, they are so much fun to do!  I can attribute this phase to Lindsay over at - she started it.  Either way, I thought I would share a little mini that I am working on currently.  This little guy has been a work in progress for several months.  Not that it has been a hard project to put together - I have just been working on it as I get inspiration on the next steps. So here is the cover:

 It is a gate fold, that is held together with knotted and bowed ribbon in the front.  The right side of the album is about a half inch larger than the left side so the longer piece actually keeps the smaller piece down when it's tied.  I really like the knotted bow in the front, it adds so much detail and character.  Just love it.  And that paper, is just yummy with this project.  And the insides:

Everything on the inside is using scraps of paper from my paper box.  Even the journaling strips are scraps left over from larger bits. (one of the cool things minis are good for).  The "pages" themselves were all left over chipboard pieces that I had - thus very little trimming involved!  As you can tell, the inside is still pretty simple - this is the work in progress part.  I still have to do the journaling, embellishing, etc. And I'm not quite sure what type of theme it is going to carry all the way through.  The photos are all of me and hubby while we were dating and span a good year.  So, until I feel "inspired" again it will sit like this.

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  1. What a gorgeous little album, hope you are going to post so close ups when you have it finished.