Thursday, November 10, 2011

Inspiration Thursday: Project Ideas

I like to troll crafty blogs, and get awesome inspiration and project ideas.  If I'm not crafting... then well I'm looking for crafting ideas. It's a glorious and vicious cycle that I gladly partake in.  Which brings me to this quick post, some things I have been inspired by recently:
  1. This awesome frame made with a halloween theme, but could easily be adapted, it has been added to my future crafty projects list.  I already have the frame so a post will be coming shortly with my rendition.
  2. Shadow Boxes, they are everywhere, and here are some cute ideas that have been inspiring me: This cute little guy made by Holly Simoni and this one from other at Pink Paislee which I must say is just fabulous.
  3. Gift Tags - I am seriously thinking of making all my own tags for gifts this year and just wrapping all my gifts in simple brown paper.  Take a look at these by Lindsay, dimensional trees are awesome, and these by Lesly Langdon who is just amazing! 
  4. This bird house is awesome and I have a really great idea to turn this into a meaningful ornament - stay tuned for that in December!
  5. And look at this fabulous Cookie Sheet Calendar.  I have several ideas for this that will be put into action over my winter break starting in a few weeks!
Hopefully you all are as inspired as I am!


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