Thursday, November 17, 2011

Another Home Decor Project: Fridge Magnets with a Tutorial

I have an obsession with fridge magnets.  Hubby and I get them whenever we go on vacation, but I also like to make magnets.  A few months ago, while going through my stash, organizing, condensing, and tossing, I came across my stash of these buckets:

I have a ton of them, and many of them had these cute little magnet tins on the top that held coordinating chipboard buttons or other embellies.  I don't think Prima packages this way anymore, but none the less, I had premade dimensional magnet shells.  So, I went to work and came up with these

In all I made about 6 of these from the tops and bottoms of the prima magnet containers.  They were very very easy to make.  This is what you will need:

Some type of item with some depth - here I used tins, you can use anything that will hold epoxy
2 part epoxy mix
photos and embellishments of choice
Strong magnets (these will be heavy with the epoxy in them)

And this is what you will want to do:

1.  arrange your pictures and elements as you so desire and glue down.  Keep in mind the depth of the item you are using as you will not want them sticking above the epoxy.  Also, the epoxy will saturate things such as flower making them darker or translucent - so keep that in mind.
2.  mix the epoxy according to the insturctions
3.  poor the epoxy over the item until it is flush with the edge of your magnet container
    a.  If you notice, I have glitter in my large on: to do this, fill the tin halfway let it set for just a bit, then add your glitter or beads and finish filling.  It will give you the in suspension look.
4.  set them aside and let them dry - about 48 hours for them to be completely cured.
5.  Adhere your magnet to the back and VOILA!

Hope you enjoy!

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