Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Another Mini Creation

I have really been enjoying making my own scrappy albums.  Really, they are so much fun, and sometimes, I just want something small of a specific theme or event, or just a little creation.  I scrapbook for lots of reasons including memory preservation because some day I will get old and forget, genealogy because I want my future generations to know how I felt about my life that is on paper while I was living it, and most importantly Artistic Expression.  I cam late to self-expression and experience, so it is important for me to have an avenue (if not to another person, it will be to my precious paper!).  This is my next little creation
 A gatefold mini!  Isn't that PP just lovely?  And goes so fabulous with such a whimsical title.  Yummy yummy yummy.  Another added bonus, all the inside pages were done using stuff from my paper scraps! And the inside looks like this:

The mini has photos from all parts of mine and my hubby's relationship up until the point of when I made it.  They are just photos in which you are able to capture to emotion of the time - so really my favorite photos because they "feel" so real.  It is not quite done on in the inside - I still need to add some quotes to pages and embellies, but you get the idea!

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