Wednesday, August 1, 2012

An Interactive, Memorbilia Intense Layout

A few years ago, okay almost 2 to be exact, my love and I traveled to California to visit friends and to attend Universal Studios' Halloween Horror Nights.  My love (and not I) is a HUGE fan of all things horror.  As part of this trip, we came home with TONS of memorabilia that I was informed will be in "our scrapbook."  Not saying that we don't have an "our scrapbook" but I mean really?  At that time I was at a total loss of how to get the brochure map, two pairs of 3D glasses, and a couple VIP passes in addition to journaling AND a photo (yep just one).   I was at such a loss that this above mentioned memorabilia went through 3 moves (that's right 3) without ever being touched or scrapbooked.  To be honest, I am surprised that nothing got lost (like his baby photos did and still are.....).  Either way, in the last few weeks I had become determined that the memoriabilia and that single photo would not go another move without being in their rightful place in "our scrapbook."  The biggest challenge wasn't really the photo, glasses, journaling, and VIP passes, but rather the brochure/map.  I wanted the map to be seen, but also the outside of the brochure - after all it was part of the experience.  Originally, I had had two of these little brochures, I am certain that it got lost somewhere along the way, thus my original plan was follied.  While I was pondering how to keep the map interactive and not cut another flap into another page protector, I had a brilliant idea - glue the brochure to the OUTSIDE of the protector, but in its rightful place.  This is what it looks like:

Before adhering everything, I planned it out perfectly so that when I added the brochure to the outside of the protector, it looked like it belonged, as it does.  And at the same time, you can still open it as part of the layout, see:
Because of the map and other memorabilia, I kept the layout very simple and clean.  I did not want the embellishments to overpower the memorabilia or vice versa.  Hopefully you have found this little tidbit and share a little useful.  It was definitely exciting for me!  Have a fun and crafty filled day.

Supplies:  Echo Park, Pink Paislee, My Minds Eye (Pattern Paper); Pink Paislee, American Crafts (Alphabets); Tim Holtz/Ranger (Ink)

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