Thursday, August 16, 2012

Pink Paislee Warehouse Sale Haul

Hey Ladies!  I am just popping in to share what I got recently from the Pink Paislee Warehouse Sale..... I know.... No. Buy. Challenge.  Well let's just say I'll be starting over..... maybe......  Either way, I did want to share with you all the terrible photos I took of the all the wonderful goodies that I got.  I ordered two boxes, even through they were the exact same in terms of product.  Once they got here I was so glad that I did order two as I got quite a few alphabets and full sets of paper lines.  With that said, here are my photos of the haul!

I had so much stuff, it didn't all fit on my table at once.  My dear hubby was home when the boxes arrived and when I was unpacking them.  He was just as excited as I was, but as I was unpacking the boxes, his excitement quickly turned to concern over the amount that I had potentially spent.  When everything was laid out, I told him how much I had spent, to which he said.  "That's it?!  You should have gotten another box at that price."  When I inquired further to why he would say such a thing he said "I go to the stores with you, I know how much that stuff costs, and you got a steal."  The man knows how to speak to my heart, and make it sing. That's it for today!  Thanks for stopping by!

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