Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Coloring/Spray Adhesive Station

Okay... so we all know that this is an issue.  Glimmer Mist.  Acrylic Paint.  Spray Adhesives. Basically anything dealing with the liquids of papercrafting.  I am talking mess containment here - nothing more maddening than accidentally getting over spray on those photos you (meaning I) just printed, that layout that is almost done, or that piece of whatever that you (meaning I) did not realize was there.  I've tried those flat mess mats - but honestly it's a pain and doesn't really control overspray and such.  It just protects the surface under the mat.  Are crafters able to keep the mess contained to that small area anyway? And I don't have a dedicated wet station area to keep the mat at - not that I would need it if I did.  Thus I have rendered those mats USELESS and cost inefficient.  Enter MY SOLUTION.

Some places (and companies) have started to sell a partial cardboard box to catch the oversrpay and stuff.  What I like is it's portable - you can stash it when not in use, take it out when needed, place on top of whatever, and mess. is. still.contained!  Well my version, was FREE.  That's right FREE, and from a department store no doubt.  Yes, that little mess container is a large garment gift box.  And THAT is my little wet station.  Nice thing is that with each box, you get two mess stations.  so if for whatever reason you misplace your first station, you always have a second.  =D

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