Thursday, November 14, 2013

Long Stories

I was recently listening to the Paperclipping Roundtable, when one of the panelists (Karen Grunberg) shared a current project she was working on.  The episode is Meditative Exacto Knives.    Her sharing of her thoughts resulted in an instant flood of ideas - some of which I have and are waiting patiently to move from my mind to paper.  However, today I thought I would share the two layouts I have completed as a result of her inspiration.  Karen had shared working on some 6x12 layouts, and a discussion ensued on the PRT about how that would be executed.  I recently got a new large format printer, which added to the ways in which I could take text heavy stories into my layouts. Here are two different ways in which I ended up executing this idea:

This first layout was kept rather simple.  I have to admit though, It does not feel quite finished to me so I may go back to it in a bit and add more.  This is a very personal layout, sharing my feelings and thoughts about what a photo of my husband going through a Radiation Therapy Planning Session does and doesn't show about our lives right now. 

This layout is a more traditional take and interpretation of the idea that Karen shared on PRT.  One side 6x12 side is text and the other is the layout.  I had wanted to use many photos of the new kitten my husband and I recently got.  This story is very related to the story in the first layout - I wanted to document the reason why we got a new kitten and how we got the kitten, the story of adding to our family.

And that is all for today.

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