Sunday, November 4, 2012

What's For Dinner

I bet you are wondering why I am posting about Dinner in the morning on a crafty blog!  Well, I will share.....

 It's a menu board.  As both my husband and I are at school full time and our lives are even more hectic now that he is out of the Army - if you can imagine that.  I thought it was time to increase our communication about food plans by creating a menu board.  This was a super easy project to make and I will share how I made it in just a moment.  But before I do that, I wanted to share with you the super cute clothes pin!
Okay, so how did I make this little guy you are wondering?!
  1. The board is actually the bottom of an Ikea shelf that I purchased, put together and realized it was the wrong size for the furniture it was supposed to go in. I was unable to return it, so $40 down the drain - I saved it, and used it here.
  2. Sprayed the heck fire out of the piece of particle board using Chalkboard Spray paint
  3. While the spray paint was drying, I cut out the title "Menu" and each letter for each day of the week on my Cricut using Vinyl.
    • Menu was cut using Gypsy Wanderings Font
    • The little swirls were Cindy Loo which I welded to the Gypsy Font using my Gypsy
    • The letters for each day of the week were cut using Cindy Loo
  1. The clothes pin is from Michaels - I covered it in paper, inked the edges and then covered it in Glossy Accents.
  2. I ran the back of the board with Magnet strips using E6000 - nothing else worked, including the glue gun.
If you count the time it took for the board to be ready (24 hours of spray paint dry time and glossy accents hardening time) this was a 2 day project.  If you count just the time I spent working on it, this was a 1 hour project.  And it's SUPER CUTE!  And lets face it, whenever your husband calls it cool project and admires your creativity, you know it's an awesome project.   Not to mention, this was my very first time using Vinyl in my cricut, I'm pretty sure I am in love!

Thanks for stopping by, having a creatively inspired day!

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  1. Ha ha ha too funny about the communicating side of it since leaving the army he is probably used to the dinner But great idea this I have been looking at something similar on Pinterst not for meals but where everyone is. Lovey!!!