Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Major Life Changes

That's Right.  I've started school again, and with that has come some mixed emotions and feelings.  It's been nice to have a year off.  Scrapping every day, seeing my man everyday, being unstructured and unscheduled.  But, not all things last forever, and back to structure, separation, limited time.  I'll be honest, I prefer this way of life much more.... if I only had more time for scrappy fun and paper play.  I know.... It's not like I'm good at keeping up on posting anyway.  But, I do want to be.  Really.  But, Time. Is. Limited.  Very Limited.  I have been giving this much thought, and although I fall asleep at my books regularly, and often have candy and redbull by my side for instant energy.... I still want scrappy and paper play to be part of my regular life.  And I love sharing with you all, even if I do not do it very much.  Sharing my creations with others and getting ideas from others for new creations, bring me joy, and my small and growing family joy.  It's good times all around.  So, I did what I am good at.  Research.  Lots of it.  And More of It.  And my conclusion:

It is possible to have both an active craft life and an over active academic life.  Hopefully, I have found a system that will work for me.  The solution.  Scheduled Posts.  Oh. My. Goodness.  This will change my life.  Stay tuned for more!.

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